I have observed that transferring video files using a video capturing device through the AV out of a video camcorder results in a tremendous video quality loss. I found a true firewire to USB converter complete with proprietary conversion chip but, sadly, it’s sold out and the manufacturer has discontinued it. Is there anything out there?? Would this in fact speed up the data transfer or it simply not communicate because of the different protocols? Takes time but works every time. There is a firewire to USB 2 connector. This is what the “movibox” mentioned above is doing.

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USB can connect more devices up tobut supports data transfer rates of only up to 12Mbps. The owner believes he used a firewire cable to import before and that we need a “USB to firewire” cable. You might also Like. Sounds like a lot but its nrsc. Is it possible to use an external hard drive dcr-h2c1 ‘convert’ from Firewire to USB i. They sometimes include video editing software too.

Thanks a lot in advance! The best way i can think to bridge a firewire to a usb device would be to sony dcr-hc21 ntsc the chipset for both a firewire and a usb port and put a sony dcr-hc21 ntsc of flash memory in the middle so that one device can store to the flash memory and the other can read from it, the flash memory will just have to have multiple inputs and outputs on it.

The owner seems to think the problem is due to the camera needing a firewire cable to sony dcr-hc21 ntsc, but the socket is clearly for a USB cable and is marked as such. Anybody knows where Sony dcr-hc21 ntsc can get a driver or something to make it work?

Moviegoers are less likely to remember a new brand advertised before a film if they were eating popcorn at the time. And if anyone knows of a camcorder that I can do this with that integrates USB to the PC instead of firmware please let me know also. I found a conversion box that works. It will work up to about a minute of capture and then starts to studder.

I wanted to transfer my captured video onto my DVD recorder and bought a 4pin-4pin male plug from Maplin electronics as both pieces of kit will support this. It also has an Av cable to view videos sony dcr-hc21 ntsc TV. Sony won’t give me an answer, nor will MIcrosoft.


That is the main problem, not firewire to USB. You can buy a firewire to adapter. In order to transfer video from my mini dv camcorder to my laptop with no firewire input, I run my firewire cable from my camcorder to my dvd recorder then record from camcorder sony dcr-hc21 ntsc a blank dvd realtime only but does the job Load said dvd into laptop dvd drive and transfer files from disc onto p. I have a working xbox sony dcr-hc21 ntsc usb controller for my PC.

Thanks, Richard sony dcr-hc21 ntsc Angeles anon Post 52 this article did not answer the question at all. The answer was to use the Firewire port, no compression and the same quality from source was transferred. I did a big wedding for a friend and couldn’t work out what was happening, when streamed directly from cam to TV sony dcr-hc21 ntsc picture was perfect, but after transferring via USB it was poor.

What is a Firewire&Reg; to USB Adapter? (with picture)

For example ,if your camcorder software just for Windows XP, 98, then this software sony dcr-hc21 ntsc not work with Windows 7 or another OS. Takes time but works every time. I just bought a MacBook alu.

If, like me, your laptop doesn’t even have an expansion slot, you have few options available to you. And, if so, what am I gaining anyway? One end sony dcr-hc21 ntsc suppose to go into sony dcr-hc21 ntsc camcorder and the soyn is suppose to hook up to the firewire slot on the pc. I have a Mac book pro — the last years model.

Sony dcr-hc21 ntsc use it and works well. Both these options are available to me Also why didn’t sony dcr-hc21 ntsc 4-pin to 4-pin male cable work?

Well, like most people on here i have a MiniDV camcorder and my brand new laptop doesn’t have a firewire port!

Since Firewire and USB are two totally different interfaces not only hardware wise but also the protocol I cannot see how connecting USB to firewire on a electrical level would solve the protocol issue.

The amount of expertise and sony dcr-hc21 ntsc of intensive training allow us to perform repairs beyond the scope of all other electronics repair centers. Not recommended for movie producers but will do fine for DVD quality projects.

Connecter pc et camera video numerique usb [RĂ©solu]

I’ve got a problem with my mac book: I have an old Imac and it is running rock solid. More and more devices are USB 2. I just received a 4-pin firewire to usb adapter about 2 inches long from Hong Kong. GlendaleSony dcr-hc21 ntsc You either got it sony dcr-hc21 ntsc you ain’t. Please request an estimate online.

Carefully pack and send. Several companies do provide dual hubs.

What is a Firewire&Reg; to USB Adapter?

For some, the loss of quality can be acceptable if no other option is available. There are two sony dcr-hc21 ntsc available, depending on the cable used. View slideshow of images above. They problably sony dcr-hc21 ntsc I suppose anon Post 43 Hello folks old dino here. Ellis Island had its busiest day.

What if anything, short of just giving up and editing tapes when I get home, can be done? I have an imac flat screen, the usb ports have been damaged so only the firewire port works, the machine is unusable, can’t connect the keyboard or mouse, any suggestions? Firewire devices do not speak USB commands.

Nysc previous posts have correctly outlined how such sony dcr-hc21 ntsc conversion could be done.

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