System Security How can I protect my computer against security threats, such as viruses? Before starting your computer for the first time, do not connect any other hardware that did not originally come with your computer. See Adding the Windows Password To enroll a fingerprint Up to 10 fingerprints can be enrolled for each user and up to 21 fingerprints can be enrolled for logging onto your system using the Power-on Security feature. If you do not intend to use your computer for a long period of time while it is disconnected from AC power, place the computer into Hibernate mode or turn it off. All preinstalled Sony programs are compatible. Before moving your computer, be sure to insert the ExpressCard slot protector into the slot.

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آموزش و مشکلات نصب و راه اندازی لپ تاپ سونی وایو ( Tutorials and Problems LapTop Sony Vaio )

Turn down the volume of the speakers before you turn them on. Be sure to insert the connector edge of the memory module into the slot while aligning the notch on the module with the small projection in the open slot. Page Replace the memory module compartment cover. Page Customizing Your VAIO Computer Logging Onto Your System To use the sony vaio vgn cr320e authentication functionality in sony vaio vgn cr320e of password entry to log onto your system, you need to set the power-on and Windows passwords and configure your computer for fingerprint authentication.

Place a disc in the middle of the tray with the label side facing upward and gently push it until the disc clicks into place. What should I do if other Bluetooth devices cannot connect to my computer?

Sensitive locations, such as hospitals and airplanes, may have restrictions on use of Bluetooth devices, due to radio interference. Why sony vaio vgn cr320e my screen display a video? Using Fingerprint Authentication Your computer may be equipped with a fingerprint sensor to provide you with additional convenience.

Using the Keyboard Your keyboard is very similar to a desktop computer keyboard, but has additional keys that perform model-specific tasks. Carefully slide the Memory Stick media into the slot until it clicks into place.


Page 63 Page 64 – communicating with an access point infr Touch Pad What should I do if the touch pad does not work? Contains links to other Internet sites you might find interesting and useful. By pressing ‘print’ sony vaio vgn cr320e you will print only current page. Adding the Power-on Sony vaio vgn cr320e The power-on password is provided to protect your computer from unauthorized access.

It may take time to format the Memory Stick media depending on the media. Even when the battery runs down, no data will be lost. What should I do if the LCD brightness of my screen changes?

Panita que pasa con megaupload que no puedo descargarlo te agraderia que me pudieras decir gracias por el aporte. Click Start and Control Panel. Before moving your computer, be sure to insert the ExpressCard slot cd320e into the slot. Page How do I change sony vaio vgn cr320e screen resolution on my TV screen? Charging the Battery Pack The battery pack supplied with your computer is not fully charged at the time of delivery. The Sony digital video camcorder shown here is an example; your digital video camcorder may need to be connected differently.

Removing and Installing a Memory Module To change or add a memory module Shut down the computer and disconnect all peripheral devices. Using the Multiple Monitors Function The Multiple Monitors function allows you to distribute portions of your desktop across separate displays.

Se le agracede mucho el gran aportazo sigua asi, esta comunidad crece gracias a usted y sus aportes, se le esta muy sony vaio vgn cr320e. If this occurs frequently, contact an authorized Sony Service Center. If you are using a program that prevents the system from entering Hibernate mode, save your data frequently to avoid losing data. At sony vaio vgn cr320e confirmation prompt, click OK. Keyboard Keyboard What should I do if the keyboard configuration is wrong?

Battery Troubleshooting Battery How do I find the battery charging status?

On Handling the Hard Disk The hard disk drive has a high storage density and reads or writes data in a short time. Disconnecting the drive when the computer is in a power saving mode Sony vaio vgn cr320e or Hibernate may cause the computer to malfunction.

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